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This is my personal blog, where I’ll put my ideas on technology, gadgets and food. I tend to review technology from the practical sense. Usually people in tech forget that technology must be used by non-tech people. The success of a new technologies depends on how readily available it is to all.  I tend to have strong opinions on the topics I post, and I appreciate a good rebuttal on them. If you have something to say please feel free to use the comments and give me your point of view.

I also love good food, and I will mix in a few pictures of the cuisine I eat just to keep this blog relaxed. Most of the pictures will be of stuff I cooked, and if I have the time I will even include the recipes.

So welcome all to my blog,

Nadim Slim

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  1. Mi estimado Nadim, muchas felicidades! Me parece excelente tu página. Tendremos que probar alguna de tus recetas. Un abrazo. Saludos!!!

  2. Pruébalas, y me pones los comentarios en el post de la receta. Ojala te gusten.

  3. Por cierto, falta la receta de tus carnes asadas! Espero no la olvides…

  4. Me encanta ese blog: excelentes recetas!!!
    Отличный блог – классные рецепты: практичные и вкусные 🙂 Обязательно зайду еще много раз!

  5. Thanks Katya, I translated the message 🙂 …..

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